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Natural Treat Box - Large Dog (or too big for the box treats)

Natural Treat Box - Large Dog (or too big for the box treats)

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A Natural Treat box to give your dog a wide variety of healthy treats and chews. All contents can help with training, will keep your dog busy and active, and all with the best possible ingredients. This box is designed for the larger, chewier dog.

Available as a one off or on a money saving monthly subscription.

Our LARGE NATURAL TREAT BOX is suitable for dogs who love a really good chew and enjoy something that keeps them busy. Ideal for taking some time out, our chews encourage calm and promote relaxation with some lasting longer than others - this box contains great variety.

Each box will contain a wide variety from the following -

  • Beef Tails 100% natural dog chew good for all dogs of all sizes. Long lasting chew, high protein, low in carbs and crunchy enough to help with dental health.
  • Braided Lamb Made from 100% air dried lamb skin. High protein, low fat and hypoallergenic so perfect for dogs with sensitivies, chewy enough to help with dental hygiene.
  • Rabbit Ears Not for the squeamish BUT an excellent natural de-wormer and great source of fibre. 100% natural, great for training
  • Pigs Ears  Naturally chewy and 100% dehydrated with no artificial chemicals or preservatives, promotes healthy chewing to help calm.
  • Trachea 100% Natural air dried trachea. Being high protein and low in fat they are a great treat, crunchy enough to help with dental hygiene. They contain naturally occuring chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen all excellent nutrients for joint health. You can also stuff them with raw food, our pate, veggies for an eveb longer lasting enrichment treat.
  • Sausage Rolls Our delicious chicken sticks wrapped in pork rind to make a very meaty, very tasty perfect special occasion chew.
  • Tendons 100% Beef Tendon and nothing else, simply air-dried. These are a very chewy chew, this means they last longer are more of a challenge so help with dental hygiene and gum health. They also contain a small amount of bone to add to the chewing experience.
  • Empty Cow Horn great on it's own or stuffed with treats, your dog's dinner or some dog friendly pate.
  • Beef Skin Strips of naturally air dried beef skin and absolutely nothing else. A great longer lasting chew, good for teeth hygiene and gum health.
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