Dog Grooming with a difference....

We offer a one to one service for your dog. Our room is quiet and calm and we go at your dog's pace.

No rushing, no noisy dogs, no crates, just kindness.

We are proud that our groomer Keira is gentle, takes her time and treats your dog like her own. She is professional and meticulous with detail.


  • FULL GROOM - the works - double wash with the most natural kind to skin products, nails, ear clean, grooming to your specification
  • BATH, BRUSH & TIDY - double wash, brush through and tidy up of sanitary area, face & feet. Ideal for inbetween full grooms.
  • BATH & BLOW DRY - ideal for the mud lovers, the rollers and anyone who wants a more fragrant friend!
  • PUPPY INTROS - there is nothing more important for your puppy than a good first experience. Includes a meet & greet, gentle intro to the room & equipment. Two washes & tidy of eyes, face, feet & dry



  • Blueberry Facial
  • De-shed Treatment
  • Teeth Clean
  • Paw & Nose Balm