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For All Dogkind Conditioning Everyday Shampoo 2-in-1

For All Dogkind Conditioning Everyday Shampoo 2-in-1

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A perfect shampoo for everyday, our best seller! Smells divine.......and so will your dog!

Cleanse, nourish and condition with the added organic grapefruit and mandarin oil to deep clean and boost shine this shampoo is made the 'tricky to bath' dogs in mind, a quicker one-step solution to detangled, healthy, shiny and fresh coats.

Suitable for all breeds and skin types.

Free from any chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates. Contains the natural flea, tick and insect deterent Neem. 97% natural with a Ph balance, made with 100% pure essential oils.

Remember to dilute 32-1, this fabulous shampoo will go a long way!

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