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Our treats and chews are regularly sourced to ensure they are the freshest we can get, they are also *air dried *chemical free *additive free *gluten free *grain free

 Happy Dog = Happy Owner   Why chew?

Chewing reduces boredom, frustration and relieves anxiety and stress. It helps keep breath fresh with by keeping the mouth and teeth clean. Chews and treats help with day to day activities like crate training, interaction & improving behaviour.

Chewing is an essential activity for all dogs. Chewing naturally increases a dog's overall well-being. The repetitive action of chewing releases serotonin and dopamine, two important neurotransmitters in the brain that support mental health, licking and chewing also releases oxytocin in the brain which in turn has a calming effect.

We despair when new puppy owners are punishing puppies for chewing when all they need to do is direct that behaviour in an appropriate way. Chewing is essential when puppies are teething, it helps new teeth arrive safely, soothes sore and aching gums and prepares for later life.

There is nothing in our natural treat boxes that we wouldn’t be happy to feed our own dogs and there is nothing in there that Walter & Eccles wouldn’t very happily eat!

Our subscription boxes are delivered monthly – you are free to modify or cancel at any time. If there is something you do not want or want more of please just mention at check out.

Available as a one-off purchase, or a monthly subscription.
Get those tails wagging book a box and make sure every day is a happy day for you and your dog!