Rauh Wild Line Rawhide Dog Chew

Rauh Wild Line Rawhide Dog Chew

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These chews are made using the best and toughest part of the hide, the upper layer. Like our Stag Bars, they’re not the cheapest but they are the best and most long lasting. More to the point they won’t stain your carpet, are non greasy and they don’t smell!

• Suitable for allergic dogs
• Free range
• Low fat
• Brilliant for heavy chewers
• Doesn’t smell
• Won’t stain your furniture or flooring
• Non greasy
• Incredibly durable
• No additives
• No added nylon which is often what makes dog chews really tough
• Wheat gluten free
• Hypoallergenic

100% moose hide

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• Protein 87.7%
• Fat 2.1
• Moisture 6.2%


Approximate weights and dimensions
Small 110g. L 150 mm. W 60 mm. Thickness 50 mm
Medium 150g. L 250 mm. W 60 mm. Thickness 40 mm
Large 300g. L 400 mm. W 60 mm. Thickness 40 mm

Store cool and dry. 

Always monitor your dog chewing. Always provide fresh drinking water. Not intended for human consumption. Complementary feed for dogs.