Royal Canin Sterilised Appetite Control

Royal Canin Sterilised Appetite Control

from 18.69

Balanced and complete feed for cats

Specially for neutered cats (from 1 to 7 years old) with a tendency to beg for food

Size: Indoor, Outdoor


Demanding control

Hunger management
After neutering certain cats become difficult to satisfy. STERILISED APPETITE CONTROL contains a high level* of specific fibres wich both satisfy the appetite of cats with a tendency to beg for food and contribute to naturally reducing the feeling of hunger.
* Compared to a high quality maintenance feed

Weight control

Supports a healthy urinary system

Balanced and complete feed
For senior cats over 12 years old
Size: Indoor, Outdoor


Healthy ageing complex

Supports healthy ageing

To support healthy ageing in your cat, AGEING +12 contains a patented complex of antioxidants, EPA/DHA and tryptophan which is known for its soothing effects.

Renal health - adequate phosphorus content

Helps stimulate appetite

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