The Spa at Woofs a Daisy

We are proud to announce that we have a fantastic dog and cat grooming spa. Book an award winning groom from our talented, friendly groomers.

We have chosen to only use kind, gentle products and are pleased to have found the fantastic 97% natural For AllDogKind products, they are full of pure essential oils and cater for the dirtiest, smelliest to the more sensitive of our best friends. We have many treatments from nails, trims, fun cuts, traditional classic cuts, bubble baths, "yuk, what have you rolled in" baths and much, much more.

Our grooming room is dedicated to your pet whilst they are in our care. We take time and allow each pet to have the best experience. We don't crate, one groomer grooms one dog or cat at a time, there is no 'conveyor belt' system here. We truly want your best friend to have the best time and we simply have a great grooming team who genuinely care.



Puppy Intro

It is absolutely essential that your puppy's first groom is a good experience otherwise you can expect a lifetime of struggle and distress. At Woofs we make that first bath fun so that your dog is keen to return. For your Puppy's first groom and puppies under 8 months old

  • A gentle bath
  • A look at nails, ears, around eyes
  • A gentle dry
  • Treats

Shampoo & Set

For a tidy up and general freshen up:

  • Bath

  • Brush out

  • Nails

  • Ears

  • Light trim
    (around eyes, face, ears)


The Works

A full groom:

  • Classic cut/clip or your choice

  • Bath

  • Brush out

  • Nails

  • Ears

  • Dry

Special Requests

We are very happy to accommodate your preferences and requests, we can offer vet washes (you provide the shampoo) chat with our groomer and feel free to ask for anything extra you might like but please note we will not do anything that compromises your pet's well being.