Food for your Kitten

0-1 Years

Kitten's should be weaned and ready to leave their mum at 8 - 10 weeks, never earlier. The weaning process should be gradual to ensure the kitten is doing well away from mum and is happy to eat appropriate food. From 0 - 6 months the kitten is growing rapidly, this slows a little up until 1 year but in this first year it is essential that food formulated for this rapid growth is given during this very important developmental stage. During this growth period kittens are very fragile and sensitive, the development of their systems such as their digestion, neurological, immune and skeletal systems need support and much care to ensure they grow well and develop into healthy, happy adult cats.

As with any growing baby the right amount of vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, protein etc is essential and it has to be in a product that is designed to be easily digested and not overloaded with sugars, flavourings, fillers and starches.  Feeding several times a day, little and often is best with kittens. You might be amazed at how much a tiny kitten can consume but this usually slows down around 6 months. Try and make sure you are feeding the correct amount divided by several meals per day, this will ensure you kitten doesn't get overweight but gets everything it needs.

Always ensure there is plenty of fresh water available at all times, refreshing the water bowl every day.

We have a wide range of food specially selected food, treats and toys for your kitten. We have even more available in store and love to have a chat about your new arrival.