The Dog House - Sleepy Snacks Refill Packs

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Healthy, Delicious Snacks

These fabulous biscuits come in a box and are designed to be a refill for The Dog House - Sleepy Snacks Tin. An absolute favourite from a recipe by Michel Roux.  These Sleepy Snacks are crafted to encourage the synthesis of serotoin and melatonin, they contain Flaxseed, Camomile and Pumpkin seed (an effective source of tryptophan)

With a combination of Cranberries, Seaweed, Probiotics, Green Tea and Spinach give very nutritous but also delicious biscuits. Ideal for that last bedtime treat. 

The tins make great presents and knowing you can top up with these boxes means they are good for your dog and the planet!

No artificial colurs, preservatives, wheat or gluten. Added probiotic to establish, maintain and restore a balanced gut flora.