What's New - Naked Dog Raw Dog Food

What's New - Naked Dog Raw Dog Food

Naked Dog are based in Suffolk and ticked all the boxes, and more, that we insist need ticking before we take any supplier on;

  • Independent, family owned busines
  • Creating raw meals especially for dogs
  • Vast experience and reputation for being experts in their field
  • 50 years background in the industry
  • The belief dogs should eat the same quality as humans
  • Support local communities & small businesses
  • Human grade meat
  • 100% grain & gluten free
  • Packaging is recyclable and approved for food contact

Because what we do is a labour of love. We’re experts in meat, and we believe dogs deserve the best ingredients in their meals. They’re part of the family, and you wouldn’t give any member of your family inferior meals. So, right from the start, it’s been our aim to make it possible for every dog lover to feed their dog the best meals possible."

Naked Dog are also the very first raw food company to have a Nutrition Centre on site, this centre is veterinary approved and provides expert consultations, seminars and full support in any issues whereby diet can be addressed to benefit your dog's health and well being.

If your dog has issues such as itchy skin, allergies, yeast infections, digestive issues or even weight concerns do get in touch as their specialists will be able to help. You can find their details here.




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