Firework Season!

Firework Season!

Fireworks - oooh!

Love them or loathe them there is no getting away from the fact that most animals suffer a lot during the firework season that season seems to get longer and longer every year.

Did you know that a dog can hear up to four times the distance of a person with average hearing, they also hear noises at a much higher frequency than humans (obviously rolling in fox poo negates that)

We would struggle to hear anything about 23,000Hertz whereas dogsDog's ears are so much more sensitive than ours. can hear up to 45,000, that is a huge difference just imagine the effect of a loud noise that makes us jump ha son them! 

Seriously with such sensitive hearing is it any wonder many dogs get so dreadfully frightened and panicky.

So what can we do?

There are things you can do to try and help them through these times.

  • Settle the house down early, close curtains, blinds and keep the house as 'muffled' and free of any extra light sources as possible.
  • Maybe walk more during the day so your dog is tired and more relaxed.
  • Don't walk in the evening/after dark at all.
  • Put their dinner in a Kong, maybe freeze it, give them something to do to keep busy. Chewing, eating like this is soothing and calming, serotonin is released and they are naturally more at ease.
  • Use one of our great Lickiemats - add their normal food, some peanut butter (preferably a doggy one as it won't have Xylitol as that is poisonous for dogs) some liver paste or natural yoghurt.
  • Give long lasting chews or bones.
  • Create a quiet cosy space for them.
  • Keep the tv on to hide as much noise as you can.
  • If they disappear under the bed or find a safe space leave them there and try not to fuss them.
  • Give comfort and reassurance if they want it.
  • Use Adaptil - you can get collars, sprays or plug-ins. We have used the plug-ins with great effect. Phermones are constantly released into the air and calm and soothe, scientifically proven to make a difference.
  • Play music - Classic FM have dedicated two shows on 5th & 7th November called 'Pet Sounds' for pets and their owners to help them stay stress-free and relaxed this firework season - find out more here

Often rescue dogs who have lived on the streets or had stressful backgrounds are more prone to anxiety at this time, if you are at all concerned do seek your vet's advice.

We have heard and are so pleased that Sainsbury's are opting to sell only quiet fireworks this year - what a great idea, a fantastic light show without the extreme noise. Nice one Sainsbury's!

Hoping your dogs stay safe and well.

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