Wilson the Wonder Dog

Wilson the Wonder Dog

I'd like to introduce you to Wilson, Wilson the Wonderdog. We have known Wilson for over 7 years, he used to visit frequently to buy food, treats, balls to chase and now and again his passion a new Frisbee. Wilson has always been the sweetest, gentlest boy you could hope to meet. Wilson has been through so much I'd like you to read his story.....

Hi!  My name is Wilson the Wonderdog of Norbiton and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a rescue collie and I love all humans and most dogs.  When I joined my family in 2011 I was a scared little puppy but grew into a happy

and confident boy.  Then after a couple of years, my hips started to hurt so I had to have two huge operations to have them replaced which I didn’t enjoy at all. I had to stay in my crate for weeks, I couldn't play, I couldn't run but my lovely family loved and cared for me, bringing me new toys, treats and sitting with me for hours and hours. 

After many weeks and many vet visits my life got back to being full and happy until last year when I started limping again.  There was something called lockdown happening at the time which meant it took longer for the humans to find out what was wrong with me.  They said I had a bad knee so I had to have that operated on which I did earlier this year, but still I had pain and didn't feel right, I kept limping.  Mum and Dad were getting very worried by this point and took me back to the place and told them that they needed to make me better.  So then the Vet people told my Mum and Dad that I had a problem with my spine too and my nerves in my legs were getting trapped because the bone in my spine was thickening,  That meant I had to have yet another operation.  So now a month later, I have had the operation on my spine, I remember Mum and Dad getting upset because it was possible that I wouldn't be able to walk again but I woke up and although I can't wag my tail, it just doesn't seem to work and I'm back to spending a lot of time in my crate I am getting better and better.  I do get to go on short walks with Dad and I usually visit Jane and Lily in Woofs a Daisy because they love me and I love them and Jane gives me a sausage as a special treat to make me feel better!!  Look out for me wandering around the neighbourhood and come and say hi, I will want to say hello to you if I see you because I want to say hello to everyone, don't be sad if I don't wag my tail. And guess what? my limp is getting so much better and I don’t get a pain in my legs like I used to!! 

Thank you to everyone that has helped me on my journey to be pain free, I think it’s working!!!

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